You and I and Earth are One, YIEO, You and I and Earth are One, YIEO, You and I and Earth are One, YIEO, You and I and Earth are One, YIEO,
Earth is one



The ultimate "go-to" green & eco training resource
for the next generation of sustainable business success.™

"Pursuing a quality dream, is the most practical thing in life !"

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man
(or woman) should be. Be one.
~ Marcus Aelius Aurelius

The first thing any genuine Ecopreneur
comes to understand is that the battleground
is not "out there" - it is in fact - "in here".

The journey to our inner hearts
and spirit
may be the greatest distance you will ever travel,
it is, indeed, where all the great rewards are earned.

The first step - is only hard - if you don't take it.
[ Ecopreneur101 TIP: You don't have to know what
you are doing to start... if it is your dream, just start ! ]

Once you realize that your daily, moment to moment thoughts
dictate the quality of your life, then you are able to pursue
the greatest dreams you can imagine.

~ Joseph Borkovic, Ecopreneur, Inspirationist, Dad

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“Brilliant men are often strikingly ineffectual.
They fail to realize that the brilliant insight is not by itself achievement.
They never have learned that insights become effectiveness
only through hard systematic work.”
~ Peter Drucker



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eco, green, organic, fair trade & sustainable really mean somthing !


... out of 2219 product labels examined sporting green claims, 98.1% had at least one, two or three
FALSE claims.

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